How To Spell perfect?

Correct spelling: perfect

What is the definition of perfect?

  1. The perfect tense.

What does the abbreviation perfect mean?

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What are the translations for perfect?

Afrikaans word for Perfect


Arabic word for Perfect


Bengali word for Perfect


Chinese words for Perfect

完美, 完美的, 绝佳, 无瑕, 完美无瑕, 天造地设.

Dutch words for Perfect

ideaal, perfect, volmaakt, uitstekend, volkomen.

French words for Perfect

excellent, complet, perfectionner, parfaire, parfait, formidable, magnifique, impeccable, affiner, absolu, superbe, exemplaire, sublime, merveilleux.

German words for Perfect

einwandfrei, vervollkommnen, ausgezeichnet, rein, vollenden, vollkommen, fehlerfrei, ideal, optimal, fehlerlos, makellos, perfekt, tadellos, vollendet, lupenrein, formvollendet, goldrichtig, virtuos, perfektionieren.

Italian words for Perfect

ottimale, perfetto, perfetta, ideale, ottima, impeccabile.

Japanese words for Perfect

パーフェクト, 絶好, ジャスト, いたれりつくせり, ぜつみょう, 非の打ちどころが無い, かんべき, 御誂え向き, 至れり尽くせり, パー璧, 醇正, お誂え向き, パーぺき, きんおうむけつ, 非の打ち所がない, 金甌無欠, 至れり尽せり, 決め所, 非の打ちどころがない, おあつらえむき, かんぺき, きんのうむけつ, むきず, 至れりつくせり, きめどころ.

Javanese word for Perfect


Malay word for Perfect


Portuguese word for Perfect


Spanish words for Perfect

mejorar, completo, impecable, excelente, absoluto, perfecto, perfeccionar.

Ukrainian word for Perfect