How To Spell strength?

Correct spelling: strength

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What are the rhymes for strength?

  1. length;

What are the translations for strength?

Afrikaans word for Strength


Chinese words for Strength

力度, 长处, 气力, 力气, 膂力, 元气, 骨力, 膂.

Dutch words for Strength

kracht, concentratie, sterkte, zwaarte, stevigheid, sterke kant.

French words for Strength

force, puissance, vigueur, ressources, moyens, vitalité.

German words for Strength

Macht, Vermögen, Kraft, grau, Courage.

Hindi word for Strength


Italian words for Strength

coraggio, forza, potere, resistenza, potenza, vigore, solidità, stabilità, robustezza, intensità.

Japanese words for Strength

強度, 強さ, ストレングス, つよさ, きょうど, 剛強, 堅, りき, 壮, きょうこ, ごうきょう.

Malay word for Strength


Norwegian word for Strength


Polish word for Strength


Portuguese words for Strength

para, potência, vantagem, trunfo, resistência, capacidade, intensidade, forte, teor, qualidade, ponto forte, pujança, mais-valia, potencialidade, concentração, veemência.

Russian word for Strength


Spanish words for Strength

capacidad, valor, poder, medios, fuerza, fortaleza, resistencia, intensidad, punto fuerte, graduación, efectivos, peso, vigor, garra, dureza, robustez, solidez, fuerzas, poderío, pujanza, firmeza, entereza.

Swedish word for Strength


Turkish word for Strength


Vietnamese word for Strength

sức lực.