How To Spell strong?

Correct spelling: strong

What is the definition of strong?

  1. strong and sure; "a firm grasp"; "gave a strong pull on the rope"

 \s-tro-ng, st-rong\

Strong as a boy's name is of Old English origin, and the meaning of Strong is "powerful". A name that describes its bearer.

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What are the rhymes for strong?

  1. kong, cong, throng, chong, yong, tong, sprong, thong, jong, prong, spong, mong, gong, long, wong, aung, pong, song, rong, hong, kyong, quang, ong, wrong, hmong;
  2. zedong, prolong, belong, phuong, lifelong, luong, yearlong, along, sarong;
  3. vietcong;

What are the translations for strong?

Afrikaans word for Strong


Chinese word for Strong


Dutch words for Strong

stevig, robuust, sterk, krachtig, fors, geducht.

French words for Strong

efficace, durable, robuste, firme, vif, énorme, intense, lourd, vigoureux, dynamique, soutenu, robustes, intenses, violent, ferme, costaud, puissant, renforcée, profondes.

German words for Strong

hart, robust, solide, fest, schwer, stark, scharf, derb, stabil, kraftvoll, überzeugend, rüde, fort, charakterstark, kampfstark, Hecht.

Greek word for Strong


Italian words for Strong

grande, viva, stabile, resistenti, robusti.

Japanese words for Strong

強い, 強力, 丈夫, 強靭, 強靱, たくましい, 堅固, じょうぶ, 強硬, 屈強, つよい, つよき, 手づよい, 強じん, 剛, 強壮, きゅうきょう, きょうこう, くどい, 手強い, ふかい, きょうりょく, ゆうりょく, けんご, 緊い, 諄い, 倔強, かたい, てづよい, ちからづよい, がんじょう.

Javanese word for Strong


Malay word for Strong


Polish word for Strong


Portuguese words for Strong

claro, acentuado, bom, forte, consistente, fortes, sólido, marcante, concentrado, duradouro, sólida, elevada, determinada, vigorosa, enérgica, veemente, veementes, robusta.

Romanian word for Strong


Spanish words for Strong

importante, gran, resistente, resistentes, alta, fuerte, profundo, elevado, marcado, pronunciado, intenso, poderoso, potente, dominante, vivo, robusto, duradero, segura, cargado, vigoroso, de fuerza, enérgica.

Vietnamese word for Strong