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Correct spelling: court

Common misspellings for court:

ccaridae, cout, ccess road, cacrued, cccrued, scourt, coust, cccrete, ccrued, cerate, courst.

Court \co(u)-rt\

courtier, court attendant; brave; land of the court
Court as a boy's name is a variant of Cort (English, Old German) and Courtland (Old English), and the meaning of Court is "courtier, court attendant; brave; land of the court".
curt, Kort, Kurt, cord, Corty.

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Quotes for court:

  1. I'll have you understand I am running this court, and the law hasn't got a damn thing to do with it!
  2. Soon after I returned to private practice, former Supreme Court Chief Justice Warren Burger called me one day.
  3. I didn't attend any of the court proceedings.
  4. Justice Ginsburg is a very competent justice, and it is a joy to have her on the court, but particularly for me it is a pleasure to have a second woman on the court.
  5. I'm thrilled to have a completely new audience that I can get from Court TV, without it being my own trial. That was the only other way I would have gotten it.

Rhymes for court:

  1. ct, escort, exhort, extort, fort, forte, import, port, purport, quart, report, resort, short, snort, sort, sport, stuart, support, swart, thwart, tort, torte, transport, wart, bort, mort, ort, porte, cort, kort, boart, dort, foret, ohrt, norte;
  2. abort, assort, athwart, cavort, comport, consort, contort, deport, distort;
  3. misreport, teleport;
  4. underreport;