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How To Spell sense?

Correct spelling: sense

List of misspellings for sense:

  • since1990,
  • sensere,
  • sensire,
  • saince,
  • sournce,
  • sneez,
  • sesne,
  • seoson,
  • nusence,
  • sincee,
  • esscense,
  • snse,
  • sentice,
  • sonci,
  • senseal,
  • asense,
  • silense,
  • senierio,
  • sieance,
  • hense,
  • seanse,
  • soncern,
  • sencer,
  • scenese,
  • desnse,
  • hasounce,
  • senast,
  • escence,
  • genseo,
  • serce,
  • setnece,
  • selsey,
  • sunsine,
  • lesnes,
  • sisne,
  • sence,
  • sinze,
  • sinsire,
  • seiance,
  • enuse,
  • sceness,
  • sunst,
  • scenice,
  • cense,
  • sencerliy,
  • sincxe,
  • sonme,
  • synthase,
  • sencerly,
  • semeser,
  • since1998,
  • sensierly,
  • sencire,
  • seanes,
  • siens,
  • since1989,
  • scenses,
  • seante,
  • seasin,
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  • cinese,
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  • sceince,
  • sance.

What does the abbreviation sense mean?


Related words for sense



Album by Uverworld

Life 6 Sense is the 6th album released on 1 June 2011. This album has a total of 12 tracks. The album was highly anticipated, as Uverworld themselves think highly of the album as they originally had 6 members including Seika, now Seika is their manipulator.

Pesos and Sense



Pesos and Sense is a company that aims to promote financial literacy by empowering Filipinos through seminar series that teach them simple and practical knowledge on personal finance and investments.


Sixth Sense


Studio album by Brown Eyed Girls

"Sixth Sense" is the fourth studio album released by the South Korean girl group Brown Eyed Girls. The album was released on 16 September, 2011. The song with the same title was used as the promotional song. The song "Hot Shot" was released on September 16 as a teaser for the album. A repackaged version of the album was released on November 4.

Uncommon Sense with Charlamagne


Talk show

Uncommon Sense with Charlamagne is a talk show that airs weekly on MTV2 hosted by on-air personality Charlamagne Tha God. Uncommon Sense with Charlamagne features a panel of guests who discuss current events in politics and the media.

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Translations for sense:

Arabic word for Sense


Chinese words for Sense

感到, 感受, 谓, 感官, 检出, 意会, 察觉, 觉察, 词意, 测知.

Dutch words for Sense

betekenis, zin, gevoel, zintuig, opmerken, voelen, besef, aanvoelen, gewaarworden.

French words for Sense

perception, perspective, sens, deviner, sentiment, signification, sentir, pressentir, soupçonner, ressentir, jugement, notion, entrevoir, logique.

German words for Sense

Bedeutung, Sinn, wahrnehmen, Wahrnehmung, Einsicht, Empfindung, Empfinden, Verstand, erahnen, abtasten, ahnen, Gefühl, Gespür, Empfindungsvermögen, wittern, abfühlen, herausfühlen, Sensation, Impression, Esprit, Sinne.

Japanese words for Sense

感覚, 感じる, 感性, 念, 体感, 察知, 感じ取る, いしき, 察す, かんかく, りせい, 智慧, さっする, におい, 摑み所, 悟る, かんずる, さっす, 節理, しらべる, けどる, 弁え, つかみどころ, 掴み所, 辨え, おぼえ, 察する, かぎ取る, 感ずる, かぎとる, 嗅ぎ取る, つかみ所, かんじる, かんじとる.

Polish words for Sense

rozum, znaczenie, rasa, rozsądek, zmysł, celowość, poczucie.

Portuguese words for Sense

perceber, utilidade, senso, noção, sentimento, conceito, bom senso.

Russian words for Sense

смысл, чувство, ощущение, разум.

Spanish words for Sense

conciencia, juicio, detectar, sentido, percibir, idea, mente, modo, aspecto, significado, sensación, darse cuenta de, intuir, sin, sentimiento, barruntar, presentir.

Swedish word for Sense


Turkish word for Sense


Vietnamese word for Sense

giác quan.