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How To Spell straight?

Correct spelling: straight

What are the misspellings for straight ?

  • streghth,
  • startight,
  • straiaght,
  • strsight,
  • stiright,
  • striahgt,
  • straigh,
  • strickt,
  • stariaght,
  • streighted,
  • srtaight,
  • straigt,
  • strenight,
  • saurkraught,
  • strenght,
  • stragity,
  • streghtgh,
  • destrought,
  • strageity,
  • staight,
  • stradagey,
  • striaght,
  • strieght,
  • stratige,
  • stenght,
  • stratgy,
  • stragiey,
  • strighten,
  • stradegy,
  • staraight,
  • satalight,
  • stratigey,
  • destraght,
  • strategh,
  • strightin,
  • strentgh,
  • stratigie,
  • trighd,
  • stricet,
  • sraight,
  • tarught,
  • stragety,
  • striaghten,
  • distraght,
  • strneght,
  • straighed,
  • straught,
  • stasrt,
  • straightin,
  • stragiht,
  • traight,
  • satilight,
  • straigher,
  • starghit,
  • distraight,
  • streght,
  • stright,
  • straighted,
  • straighting,
  • stradagy,
  • straignt,
  • strdagy,
  • strigoi,
  • striaghtly,
  • straigtht,
  • soverighty,
  • straith,
  • atraight,
  • straighth,
  • straghts,
  • ditraught,
  • stringht,
  • distrought,
  • distruaght,
  • striat,
  • straightt,
  • streantgh,
  • straingt,
  • stragetic,
  • starights,
  • streight,
  • strienght,
  • stradigy,
  • strough,
  • striagh,
  • strigh,
  • stairght,
  • straghten,
  • sright,
  • staright,
  • straid,
  • restraight,
  • tright,
  • trught,
  • straite,
  • stratigy,
  • steaight,
  • stragit,
  • straint,
  • wateright.

What is the definition of straight?

  1. Correspondingly.

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What are the quotes for straight?

  1. On stage, the audience watches from a fixed viewpoint and the director cannot retake something he doesn't like. It has to work straight through.
  2. Oh leave the Wise our measures to collate. One thing at least is certain, light has weight. One thing is certain and the rest debate. Light rays, when near the Sun, do not go straight.
  3. But they who give straight judgements to strangers and to those of the land and do not transgress what is just, for them the city flourishes and its people prosper.
  4. Why don't you put that in the headline: 'He Only Did Three With Doris!' Set a lot of people straight.
  5. The Monkees was a straight sitcom, we used the same plots that were on the other situation comedies at the time. So the music wasn't threatening, we weren't threatening.

What are the translations for straight?

Afrikaans word for Straight


Arabic word for Straight


Chinese words for Straight

直通, 直的, 笔直.

Dutch words for Straight

rechtstreeks, puur, eerlijk, helder, meteen, serieus, strak, opeenvolgend, ononderbroken, sluik, emotieloos, onomwonden.

French words for Straight

bien, firme, simple, simples, direct, franc, droit, clairement, directement, franchement, droites, hétéro, rectiligne, rectilignes, linéaire.

German words for Straight

Recht, gerade, glatt, ordentlich, rein, klar, direkt, ehrlich, astrein, proper, offen, pur, aufrecht, hetero, heterosexuell, Straße, geradlinig, simpel, steil, linear, unvermischt, sec.

Greek word for Straight


Italian words for Straight

consecutivo, dritto.

Japanese words for Straight

ストレート, 通し, 直留, 真一文字, まいちもんじ, まっすぐな.

Javanese word for Straight

Sakcara langsung.

Korean word for Straight


Malay word for Straight


Norwegian words for Straight

drept, rett.

Polish words for Straight

prosto, prosty, czysty, szczerze, szczery, bezpośredni, uporządkowany, bezpośrednio, od razu, bez przerwy, z pewnością, jasno, rak.

Portuguese words for Straight

claro, correto, verdadeiro, limpo, direto, diretamente, direito, ininterrupto, ereto, directa, direita, em linha reta, rectilíneo, rectilíneas, heterossexual, directos, retilínea, esticados, lógico, sem mistura, consecutivamente.

Russian words for Straight

прямо, неразбавленный, напрямую, прямиком, метко, ясно, честно, начистоту, открыто, серьёзно, откровенно.

Spanish words for Straight

reto, liso, sucesivamente, puro, derecho, sincero, recto, directo, heterosexual, recta, directamente, inmediatamente, francamente, franco, leal, enseguida, seguido, honesto, sucesivo, rectilíneo, desempeñado, seguidamente.