How To Spell step?

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What does the abbreviation step mean?

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What are the rhymes for step?

  1. strep, hep, epp, depp, cep, hepp, pep, sepp, sep, shepp, prep, stepp, lep, steppe, shep, repp, zepp, lepp, yep;
  2. misstep;
  3. dep;
  4. rep;

What are the translations for step?

Bengali word for Step


Chinese word for Step


Dutch words for Step

stap, trede, stappen, treden, lopen, treeplank, tree, aanzet, opstap.

French words for Step

marché, avancé, mesure, marcher, cran, pas, étape, escabeau.

German words for Step

Takt, Abschnitt, Absatz, Stufe, Disposition, Sprung, gehen, Phase, Schritt, schreiten, Steg, treten, Etappe, Sprosse, Treppe, Manipulation, Fase, Tritt, Arbeitsschritt, Trittstufe, Trittbrett, Treppenstufe, Ablaufschritt, Tanzschritt, Auftragsschritt, Trittblech.

Hindi word for Step


Italian words for Step

passo, misura, stadio, gradino, scalino.

Japanese words for Step

ステップ, 歩, 段, 措置, 歩幅, 一足, 歩調, 踏み段, 足並, 足下, あしもと, しょち, 運び, はしごだん, 足許, ほちょう, 一切り, そっか, はしご段, ふみいた, ひと切り, 踏板, 梯子段, 音程, ひときり, ほはば, 踏段, はこび, あしなみ, おんてい.

Javanese word for Step


Korean word for Step


Marathi word for Step


Norwegian word for Step


Polish words for Step

trap, krok, etap, faza, schodek.

Portuguese words for Step

degrau, passada, compasso.

Russian words for Step

делать шаг, шагать.

Spanish words for Step

paso, huella, etapa, tono, medida, peldaño, escalón, pisar, andar, planteamiento.

Turkish word for Step