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How To Spell step?

Correct spelling: step

Definition of step:

  1. relative position in a graded series; "always a step behind"; "subtle gradations in color"; "keep in step with the fashions"

List of misspellings for step:

  • stopp,
  • dorstep,
  • sstop,
  • stelp,
  • step1,
  • destop,
  • steph,
  • stev,
  • shep,
  • netapp,
  • steup,
  • stopm,
  • steaps,
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  • gastopo,
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  • step,
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What does the abbreviation step mean?

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Another Step


Studio album by Kim Wilde

Another Step is the fifth studio album by British pop singer Kim Wilde, released in November 1986. The album contained her comeback worldwide hit "You Keep Me Hangin' On", which reached No.1 in the US, as well as the UK top 10 hit "Another Step" and "Say You Really Want Me".



Record label

sixstepsrecords is a record label associated with Passion Conferences. The label was started in Atlanta, Georgia, US, in 2000 by Louie Giglio. The stated purpose of the company is "to produce music that draws people to Jesus".

Step Inside This House


Album by Lyle Lovett

Step Inside This House is the seventh album by Lyle Lovett, released in 1998. In contrast with his earlier albums, populated mostly by songs penned by Lovett, House is a double-length album of cover songs written by fellow Texans.

Step One Records


Record label

Step One Records was an independent American record label established in February 1984 in Nashville, Tennessee. The label was founded by singer-songwriter and producer Ray Pennington with Curtis Potter, the former of whom had produced for Waylon Jennings.

Time Step


Album by Leo Kottke

Time Step is an album by American guitarist Leo Kottke, released in 1983.

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Rhymes for step:

  1. strep, hep, epp, depp, cep, hepp, pep, sepp, sep, shepp, prep, stepp, lep, steppe, shep, repp, zepp, lepp, yep;
  2. misstep;
  3. dep;
  4. rep;

Translations for step:

Bengali word for Step


Chinese word for Step


Dutch words for Step

stap, trede, stappen, treden, lopen, treeplank, tree, aanzet, opstap.

French words for Step

marché, avancé, mesure, marcher, cran, pas, étape, escabeau.

German words for Step

Takt, Abschnitt, Absatz, Stufe, Disposition, Sprung, gehen, Phase, Schritt, schreiten, Steg, treten, Etappe, Sprosse, Treppe, Manipulation, Fase, Tritt, Arbeitsschritt, Trittstufe, Trittbrett, Treppenstufe, Ablaufschritt, Tanzschritt, Auftragsschritt, Trittblech.

Hindi word for Step


Italian words for Step

passo, misura, stadio, gradino, scalino.

Japanese words for Step

ステップ, 歩, 段, 措置, 歩幅, 一足, 歩調, 踏み段, 足並, 足下, あしもと, しょち, 運び, はしごだん, 足許, ほちょう, 一切り, そっか, はしご段, ふみいた, ひと切り, 踏板, 梯子段, 音程, ひときり, ほはば, 踏段, はこび, あしなみ, おんてい.

Javanese word for Step


Korean word for Step


Marathi word for Step


Norwegian word for Step


Polish words for Step

trap, krok, etap, faza, schodek.

Portuguese words for Step

degrau, passada, compasso.

Russian words for Step

делать шаг, шагать.

Spanish words for Step

paso, huella, etapa, tono, medida, peldaño, escalón, pisar, andar, planteamiento.

Turkish word for Step