How To Spell power?

Correct spelling: power

What is the definition of power?

  1. powerful

What does the abbreviation power mean?


Power as a boy's name.

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What are the usage examples for power?

  1. In the eyes of the world, he had no power

What are the rhymes for power?

  1. our;
  2. sour, brower, tower, bower, scour, flower, hour, lauer, vower, gower, glower, bauer, cower, shower, flour, plower, dour;
  3. empower, devour;
  4. mph, superpower, overpower;

What are the translations for power?

Afrikaans word for Power


Chinese words for Power

力, 功率, 电源, 权能, 势力, 力征, 权势, 大权, 强权, 威显.

Dutch words for Power

voeding, stroom, bevoegdheid, kracht, mogendheid, elektriciteit.

French words for Power

alimenter, courant, pouvoir, propulser, force, puissance, influence, alimentation, violence, faire marcher, électrique, pouvoirs, électricité.

German words for Power

Wucht, Strom, Leistung, Macht, Vermögen, Gewalt, Kraft, Power, Energie, Befugnis, antreiben, mit Strom versorgen, mit Energie versorgen, Herrschaft, Vollmacht, Potenz, Elektrizität, Berechtigung, Mächtigkeit, Machtfülle, Antriebskraft, Netzstrom, Dom.

Italian word for Power


Japanese words for Power

力, 動力, エネルギー, 勢力, 検出力, 強力さ, 権能, 強弱, けんしゅつりょく, りきかん, 権柄, けんせい, けんのう, りょく, どうりょく, 乗羃, 乗冪, きょうりょくさ, きょうじゃく, けんい.

Javanese word for Power


Malay word for Power


Polish words for Power

móc, siła, zasilanie, uprawnienie, potęga.

Portuguese words for Power

competência, acionar, domínio, faculdade, influência, potencializar, possibilidade, electricidade, energizar.

Romanian word for Power


Russian words for Power

мощность, власть, мощь, энергия, держава, полномочие, силовой.

Spanish words for Power

capacidad, corriente, rendimiento, potencia, impulsar, aumento, poder, accionar, fuerza, energía, luz, de energía, alimentar, poderoso, potente, cuerpo, autoridad, fuerzas, poderío, electricidad, facultad, potestad, eléctrica, de luz.

Swedish word for Power


Tamil word for Power


Turkish word for Power


Vietnamese word for Power

quyền lực.