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Correct spelling: power

Common misspellings for power:

ower, powet, powor.

Power \po-wer\

Power as a boy's name.

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Examples of usage for power:

  1. Power is the most general term of this group, including every quality, property, or faculty by which any change, effect, or result is, or may be, produced; as, the power of the legislature to enact laws, or of the executive to enforce them; the power of an acid to corrode a metal; the power of a polished surface to reflect light. Ability is nearly coextensive with power but does not reach the positiveness and vigor that may be included in the meaning of power ability often implying latent, as distinguished from active power we speak of an exertion of power but not of an exertion of ability. Power and ability include capacity, which is power to receive; but ability is often distinguished from capacity, as power that may be manifested in doing, as capacity is in receiving; one may have great capacity for acquiring knowledge, and yet not possess ability to teach. Efficiency is active power to effect a definite result, the power that actually does, as distinguished from that which may do. Competency is equal to the occasion, readiness prompt for the occasion. Faculty is an inherent quality of mind or body; talent, some special mental ability. Dexterity and skill are readiness and facility in action, having a special end; talent is innate, dexterity and skill are largely acquired. Our abilities include our natural capacity, faculties, and talents, with all the dexterity, skill, and readiness that can be acquired. Efficacy is the power to produce an intended effect as shown in the production of it; as, the efficacy of a drug. Efficiency is effectual agency, competent power efficiency is applied in mechanics as denoting the ratio of the effect produced to the power expended in producing it; but this word is chiefly used of intelligent agents as denoting the quality that brings all one's power to bear promptly and to the best purpose on the thing to be done. Compare ADDRESS; DEXTERITY; SKILFUL. –  by
  2. Young Uncle Sam has preserved both forests and water power –  by
  3. In the eyes of the world, he had no power –  by

Rhymes for power:

  1. our;
  2. bower, cower, dour, flour, flower, glower, hour, plower, scour, shower, sour, tower, vower, gower, bauer, lauer, brower;
  3. devour, empower;
  4. mph, overpower, superpower;