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How To Spell spirit?

Correct spelling: spirit

List of misspellings for spirit:

  • spreat,
  • despirit,
  • sript,
  • spllit,
  • parit,
  • spiritaul,
  • soprt,
  • spereate,
  • secirity,
  • siriit,
  • seperat,
  • spireted,
  • suopprt,
  • spretty,
  • sprote,
  • superioty,
  • seporate,
  • spraid,
  • superoity,
  • spiritied,
  • seciurity,
  • sequirity,
  • aiprort,
  • sprate,
  • scerity,
  • spirite,
  • sperate,
  • spiget,
  • spplit,
  • seviarity,
  • sobrity,
  • diparity,
  • superprofit,
  • suppirior,
  • seperit,
  • spitirt,
  • shprt,
  • spagiti,
  • spegitti,
  • seciruty,
  • sparodic,
  • sepirate,
  • separete,
  • separet,
  • sicurity,
  • pirat,
  • spirert,
  • seprite,
  • speggitti,
  • siprit,
  • supoprt,
  • suporrt,
  • supiorority,
  • neporrt,
  • passprot,
  • spirte,
  • hypicrit,
  • sevirity,
  • spaggitii,
  • separite,
  • spriit,
  • speaghitt,
  • seaprot,
  • soririty,
  • piret,
  • sprirt,
  • spradic,
  • spirirt,
  • speritul,
  • sigrid,
  • supried,
  • spiert,
  • supprt,
  • speggitee,
  • spriti,
  • siverity,
  • sepprize,
  • spiri,
  • sepreat,
  • spired,
  • secerit,
  • espirit,
  • spiris,
  • spirt,
  • spril,
  • spiriited,
  • sbirat,
  • spirets,
  • sprort,
  • spiritwear,
  • pusruit,
  • spegehitti,
  • sporadi,
  • spirutal,
  • surpired,
  • speciat,
  • supposrt,
  • spirirts,
  • spritul,
  • spighitti.

What does the abbreviation spirit mean?


Spirit as a girl's name.
  • Sabrette.

Related words for spirit

Hoba Hoba Spirit


Musical band

Hoba Hoba Spirit is a musical fusion band based in Casablanca, Morocco that was formed in 1998. It is composed of Adil Hanine, Anouar Zehouani, Saâd Bouidi, Reda Allali - and Othmane Hmimar. The name of the group is based on a song by Bob Marley. Hoba Hoba Spirit's musical style mixes Rock, Reggae and Gnawa. They refer to their music as "Hayha". Their lyrics are mostly in Darija, French and sometimes English.

School Spirit


1985 film

School Spirit is a 1985 comedy film about a college student who is killed in a car accident and returns as a ghost to haunt his school. The film was directed by Alan Holleb, and stars Tom Nolan, Roberta Collins, and Larry Linville.

Spirit Island


Island in Maligne Lake

Spirit Island is a tiny tied island in Maligne Lake in Jasper National Park. This landmark is the destination of boat trips across Maligne Lake, a view many people associate with the Canadian Rockies.

Spirit of Wonder


Manga series

Spirit of Wonder is a manga series authored by Kenji Tsuruta, originally serialized from 1986 in Kodansha's Morning seinen manga magazine, and later in Afternoon, until 1996.

Spirit Radio Network


Radio network

Spirit Radio Network is a commercial radio network covering regional Western Australia. The Spirit Radio Network is a part of the Redwave Media Group owned by Seven West Media and broadcasts to most towns and regional centers in Western Australia including Bunbury, Geraldton, Broome, Port Hedland and Karratha.

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Translations for spirit:

Afrikaans word for Spirit


Arabic word for Spirit


Chinese words for Spirit

灵, 魂, 灵魂, 神灵, 神采, 一灵真性, 气概, 情态, 志气, 气魄, 精魂.

Dutch words for Spirit

pit, strekking, geest, moed, instelling, houding, lef, spook, karakter, mentaliteit, vitaliteit, geestdrift, levenskracht.

French words for Spirit

entrain, sentiment, expression, humeur, énergie.

German words for Spirit

Ziel, Sinn, Temperament, Energie, Geist, Stimmung, roh, Sprit, Spirituose, Seele, Courage, Spiritus, Branntwein, Gespenst, Verve, Esprit, Humor.

Greek word for Spirit


Italian words for Spirit

Ande, spirito.

Malay word for Spirit


Norwegian word for Spirit


Polish words for Spirit

duch, postawa, spirytus, dusza.

Portuguese word for Spirit


Romanian word for Spirit


Russian words for Spirit

дух, спирт, душа, призрак, привидение.

Spanish words for Spirit

conciencia, valor, voluntad, genio, alma, alcohol, licor, cuerpo astral, fantasma.

Turkish word for Spirit