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Correct spelling: wish

Definition of wish:

  1. Eager desire; desire expressed; thing desired.
  2. To desire; to long for; to desire eagerly or ardently; to imprecate; to express desire.
  3. To have a strong desire, either for what is or is not supposed to be obtainable; to be disposed or inclined; to have a feeling that partakes of hope or fear.

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What does the abbreviation wish mean?

WISH abbreviation definitions:
–  Washington ( D. C.) Invitational Scavenger Hunt
–  Wellington Interactive School Habitat

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Quotes for wish:

  1. Perfect friendship is the friendship of men who are good, and alike in excellence; for these wish well alike to each other qua good, and they are good in themselves.
  2. I always try to preserve my cinematographic style, even while I work in the US. I wish to always be European.
  3. I am sure Mr Heath thinks he is honest but I wish he didn't have to have his friends say it so often.
  4. John was great to work with, and a lot of fun. I wish I'd had the chance to make more music with him, of course, and to get to know him better.
  5. You can't let players do what they wish and be professional. That's a fact. As for the team, Boro had two internationals when I got there in 1995. Now they have more than 15. And they didn't cost the fortune some suggest.

Rhymes for wish:

  1. frisch, disch, fish, lish, bish, kish, swish, gish, ish, isch, dish, tish, rish, trish;