How To Spell service?

Correct spelling: service

What is the definition of service?

  1. a means of serving; "of no avail"; "there's no help for it"

What does the abbreviation service mean?

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What are the rhymes for service?

  1. nervous, gervase;
  2. disservice;

What are the translations for service?

Afrikaans word for Service


Arabic word for Service


Chinese word for Service


Dutch words for Service

dienstverlening, bediening, kerkdienst, onderhoudsbeurt.

French words for Service

office, d'entretien, faire réviser.

German words for Service

Einsatz, Aufschlag, Aufgabe, warten, Leistung, Betrieb, Wartung, Bedienung, Service, decken, bedienen, Zustellung, Verbindung, Dienstleistung, Dienst, Gottesdienst, überholen, Messe, Angabe, Inspektion, Kundenservice, Serviceleistung, Bewirtung, Abfertigung, Dienstverhältnis, Streckenverbindung, Aufschlagball.

Greek word for Service


Italian words for Service

servizio, funzione, prestazione, manutenzione, notificazione.

Japanese words for Service

サービス, 事業, 勤務, 奉仕, 取扱, 取扱い, 用途, 取り扱い, 用, 寄与, 務め, きんむ, ほうし, 儀式, きよ, 戦務, しっこう, びん, とりあつかい, 用役, ろうむ, せっきゃくたいど, しぎょう, えきむ, 取り扱, しゅぎょう, 接客態度, お愛想, ぎてん, おあいそ, お持て成し, 勤め, ことわざ, ほうこう, ほねおり.

Javanese word for Service


Korean word for Service


Malay word for Service


Polish words for Service

usługa, służba, serwis, nabożeństwo.

Portuguese words for Service

trabalho, atendimento, dar manutenção em, prestar serviço para, pagar juros de.

Romanian word for Service


Russian words for Service

служба, сервис, cлужба, служение.

Spanish words for Service

oficio, mantenimiento, servicio, culto.

Tamil word for Service


Turkish word for Service


Ukrainian word for Service


Vietnamese word for Service

dịch vụ.