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How To Spell stand?

Correct spelling: stand

Definition of stand:

  1. a support or foundation; "the base of the lamp"

List of misspellings for stand:

  • standign,
  • stanima,
  • stansart,
  • sealand,
  • sland,
  • sstood,
  • stonned,
  • suband,
  • studant,
  • surtant,
  • siteunder,
  • daysand,
  • sennd,
  • scand,
  • sedcond,
  • standfirm,
  • costant,
  • staetd,
  • sitind,
  • stayde,
  • staded,
  • newstand,
  • stanied,
  • estend,
  • lestend,
  • stined,
  • stabed,
  • standy,
  • chartand,
  • satnd,
  • seeand,
  • sizeand,
  • stepand,
  • btand,
  • itand,
  • scotand,
  • stuard,
  • styaed,
  • styne,
  • staunt,
  • thousadnd,
  • signd,
  • stange,
  • standare,
  • sttod,
  • stanz,
  • tand,
  • stanard,
  • stanindg,
  • supportand,
  • stanby,
  • swund,
  • partand,
  • standover,
  • cytnhia,
  • strind,
  • hasitant,
  • straned,
  • standyby,
  • stoood,
  • staned,
  • sownd,
  • statd,
  • srutinty,
  • sadend,
  • standly,
  • styand,
  • destand,
  • stward,
  • stuent,
  • mustand,
  • standin,
  • standart,
  • stard,
  • stagnat,
  • shedand,
  • stande,
  • stang,
  • stanmd,
  • stainled,
  • staed,
  • stundy,
  • stanly,
  • suond,
  • stant,
  • saund,
  • standad,
  • distand,
  • certant,
  • stadard,
  • strad,
  • atnd,
  • secand,
  • seand,
  • stupind,
  • stnd,
  • straind,
  • sttd,
  • sttend,
  • stanerd.

What does the abbreviation stand mean?

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Idgah Bus Stand


Bus station in Agra, India

Idgah Bus Station is the biggest bus station in Agra. The Bus Stand is in Idgah Colony. The bus Stand is very close to both the Idgah Railway Station as well as the Agra Cantt, which is the main railway Station in Agra.

Mahoney's Last Stand


Album by Ronnie Lane and Ronnie Wood

Mahoney's Last Stand is an album by Faces bandmates Ronnie Wood and Ronnie Lane, recorded in 1972. It is the music soundtrack album of the low-budget 1972 Canadian film Mahoney's Last Stand starring Alexis Kanner, Sam Waterston and Maud Adams.

Mohali Bus Stand


Bus station

Mohali Bus Stand is a bus station located in the town of Mohali. It is located in Sector 62 and serves as main bus stand for The Ajitgarh district, Punjab, apart from bus stands in Chandigarh.

Waldo's Last Stand


1940 film

Waldo's Last Stand is a 1940 Our Gang short comedy film directed by Edward Cahn. It was the 193rd Our Gang short that was released.

Wich Stand



Wich Stand was a 1950s style coffee shop restaurant and diner in Los Angeles, California featuring a tilting blue roof and 35-foot spire, designed by renowned architect Eldon Davis. The Wich Stand had two locations within Los Angeles.

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Quotes for stand:

  1. I can't stand accessories.
  2. Courage is contagious. When a brave man takes a stand, the spines of others are often stiffened.
  3. Because Larry, by then, was a drummer, who would sort of get bored and tired, and rather stand up and blow kisses to people. So we needed the bass to sort of drive along.
  4. The success of any stand -up act comes out of life experience.
  5. We need to make it clear that we will withdraw from Iraq within 6 to 9 months- so that the Iraqis will know that they must stand up and defend the opportunity given to them.

Translations for stand:

Arabic word for Stand


Chinese words for Stand

站立, 立足, 站住, 竖立, 台子.

Dutch words for Stand

plaats, standaard, standplaats, verdragen, houding, staan, opstaan, van kracht zijn, kraam, positie, standpunt, keet, statief.

French words for Stand

supporter, mettre, rester, socle, reposer, se lever, tolérer, être debout, endurer, poser, pied, sentir, kiosque, éventaire, sellette, station debout, échoppe.

German words for Stand

stellen, Einstellung, Haltung, Stand, Messestand, Ständer, Tribüne, stehen, ertragen, aushalten, verkraften, ausstehen, Support, gelten, Stativ, Ausstellungsstand, Fuß, Platz, Standplatz, Bestand, Verkaufsstand, Gestell, Untersatz, Stillstand, Podium, Widerstand, Zuschauertribüne, Gerüst, Standpunkt, Standort, Gastspiel, Bock, Pult, kandidieren, dulden, weiterbestehen, andauern, durchhalten, Position, Attitüde, Barre, Station.

Greek word for Stand


Hindi word for Stand


Italian words for Stand

supporto, sostare, alzarsi, cavalletto, stativo, piedistallo, padiglione, tollerare, sopportare, resistere, essere situato, stare in piedi.

Japanese words for Stand

台, 売店, 屋台, 静置, 露店, 屋体, 差し立てる, 差立てる, 屋台店, こたえる, ろてん, やたいみせ, 家台, 堪へる, 押っ立つ, 架, やたい, 発つ, たへる, うてな, ばいてん, さしたてる.

Javanese word for Stand


Korean word for Stand


Malay word for Stand


Marathi word for Stand

उभे राहा.

Norwegian word for Stand


Papiamento word for Stand


Polish words for Stand

stanowisko, stać, stanąć, stoisko, podpórka, stragan, statyw, stojak.

Portuguese words for Stand

estande, suporte, posição, ponto, atitude, barraca, ficar de pé, aguentar, suportar, loja, entendimento, tenda, carrinho, pavilhão, defesa, andaime, paralisar, ficar em pé.

Romanian word for Stand

a sta în picioare.

Russian words for Stand

стенд, стойка.

Spanish words for Stand

presentarse, colocar, lugar, levantar, permanecer, soportar, aguantar, soporte, parada, puesto, levantarse, estar de pie, caseta, descanso, grada, actitud, sobrellevar, tolerar, postura, resistir, caballete, estrado, banca, pedestal, atril, tribuna, estar en pie.

Swedish word for Stand


Turkish word for Stand


Ukrainian word for Stand