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How To Spell note?

Correct spelling: note

List of misspellings for note:

  • knowtice,
  • onter,
  • ntime,
  • nionate,
  • qoate,
  • noterie,
  • noder,
  • natve,
  • noth,
  • notiy,
  • knoee,
  • noteate,
  • pnone,
  • naorht,
  • phote,
  • noitce,
  • anohter,
  • notiice,
  • anoteh,
  • neter,
  • nodge,
  • knowthe,
  • noght,
  • notery,
  • knowthat,
  • notise,
  • qote,
  • notcie,
  • natore,
  • nte,
  • nobe,
  • hote,
  • notece,
  • notray,
  • netive,
  • negiote,
  • ncie,
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What does the abbreviation note mean?

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Black Note



Black Note were an American jazz ensemble formed in 1991. The band released four albums, on Columbia Records, Impulse! Records, Red Records and World Stage. They won first prize at the John Coltrane Young Artist Competition in 1991.

G-Note Records


Record label

G-Note Records is a subsidiary record label of 50 Cent's G-Unit Records. The label was formed in late 2010 for Pop, Dance and R&B artists. The offices for the label are in New York.

Jing's Note


Studio album by Wong Jinglun

Jing's Note is Singaporean Mandopop artist Wong JingLun's debut Mandarin solo studio album. It was released on 14 November 2008 by Warner Music Taiwan.



2006 film

Notebook is a 2006 Malayalam teen film directed by Rosshan Andrrews and written by Bobby Sanjay. It is about three students at a boarding school and how they face up to challenges in their lives. The film dealt with the subject of teenage pregnancy.

Tantei Team KZ Jiken Note


Novel series

Tantei Team KZ Jiken Note is a Japanese children's novel series written by Hitomi Fujimoto and Ryō Sumitaki, and illustrated by Komagata. Kodansha has published twenty volumes since 2011. An anime television series adaptation by Signal.MD began airing from October 7, 2015 to January 27, 2016.

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Translations for note:

Arabic word for Note


Bengali word for Note


Chinese word for Note


Dutch words for Note

noteren, noot, opmerking, aantekening, toon, notitie, biljet, kaartje, opmerken, toelichting, aantekenen, briefje, met rekening houden, constateren, van nota nemen, van notitie nemen.

French words for Note

remarquer, constater, noter, billet, message, mentionner, rappeler, mention, relever, observer, remarque, commentaire, prendre acte, annoter.

German words for Note

beachten, Bericht, feststellen, Hinweis, Anmerkung, Note, Notiz, Mitteilung, Zettel, Geldschein, notieren, Ton, Vermerk, Bemerkung, kurze Mitteilung, Nachricht, Erläuterung, Brief, Schuldschein, Kommentar, Textziffer, Billett, Schein, Aufzeichnung, Aktennotiz, Anhangangabe, Aktenvermerk, Memorandum, Briefchen, schriftliche Mitteilung, vermerken, bemerken, merken, beobachten, anmerken, Aviso, Not, Observation, Annotation, Notar.

Greek word for Note


Italian words for Note

annotazione, banconota, commento.

Japanese words for Note

ノート, メモ, 備考, 控え, 付記, 手記, きする, ハガキ, 札, 註釈, 記す, 手控え, かきつけ, おぼえがき, さつ, 語調, 一節, 書札, いっせつ, てびかえ, 葉書, ごちょう, 識す, きす, しるす, 扣え, しらべ, 書状, ちゅうしゃく, しょかん, もんじょ, ぶんしょ, しょさつ, しゅき, 音符.

Javanese word for Note


Korean word for Note


Malay word for Note


Polish words for Note

zapis, notatka, notka, wzmianka, nuta, banknot.

Portuguese words for Note

tom, assinalar, registar, bilhete, mensagem, anotação, salientar, apontamento, tomar nota.

Romanian word for Note

notă muzicală.

Russian words for Note

нота, заметка, записка, купюра, банкнота.

Spanish words for Note

nota, apuntar, comprobar, destacar, observar, carta, apunte, billete, comentario, señalar, mencionar, advertir, reparar, anotar, recado, constatar.

Vietnamese words for Note

một, nốt nhạc.