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How To Spell light?

Correct spelling: light

What are the misspellings for light ?

  • mght,
  • slihght,
  • moolight,
  • floght,
  • liist,
  • jight,
  • lighs,
  • muight,
  • tlight,
  • dalight,
  • liquit,
  • laghter,
  • dight,
  • lightier,
  • mieght,
  • ledgit,
  • lagit,
  • mmight,
  • phlight,
  • toight,
  • sightt,
  • lightthe,
  • lighthead,
  • yaght,
  • larght,
  • lignt,
  • lightoom,
  • flitgh,
  • hight,
  • eighte,
  • flieght,
  • litght,
  • lighed,
  • fiight,
  • lihgter,
  • ligt,
  • lighty,
  • thoight,
  • liughts,
  • fieght,
  • liht,
  • flught,
  • ighlight,
  • tght,
  • ligth,
  • highty,
  • lwhat,
  • clought,
  • cauight,
  • laughet,
  • mihght,
  • linit,
  • elight,
  • caight,
  • ligjht,
  • quight,
  • lightshow,
  • liights,
  • relight,
  • nght,
  • sliht,
  • rilght,
  • fightt,
  • slght,
  • iight,
  • lfight,
  • luaght,
  • haight,
  • sulight,
  • ligheter,
  • lughted,
  • allight,
  • leget,
  • kight,
  • thght,
  • lighth,
  • rght,
  • lightely,
  • hieght,
  • llighter,
  • tieght,
  • birght,
  • lighte,
  • ldiot,
  • wmight,
  • limat,
  • 4sight,
  • alought,
  • flyght,
  • liegh,
  • flght,
  • eaight,
  • ligit,
  • maight,
  • miught,
  • nightw,
  • fluight,
  • shight,
  • loight,
  • lenght.

What is the definition of light?

  1. very thin and insubstantial; "thin paper"; "flimsy voile"; "light summer dresses"

What does the abbreviation light mean?

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What are the translations for light?

Afrikaans word for Light


Arabic word for Light


Chinese words for Light

轻, 光, 灯, 轻薄, 淡薄, 亮光, 华灯, 轻的.

Dutch words for Light

lamp, verlichten, aansteken, verlichting, helder, vuurtje, luchtig, ontsteken, lieve, ontbranden, oplichten, doen branden.

French words for Light

clair, lumière, feu, éclairer, allumer, phare, voyant, lumineux, levé, luminaire, fine.

German words for Light

Schein, anfeuern, blond, leicht, locker, beleuchten, hell, schwach, licht, Ampel, anzünden, erleuchten, anmachen, gelinde, Feuer, Leuchtfeuer, befeuern, Beleuchtung, anstecken, Faible, leuchten, gelind, erhellen, Lichtquelle, Leuchte, Lampe, Helligkeit, Beleuchtungskörper, Lichtöffnung, Lichtschein, bekömmlich, luftig, glimpflich, anbrennen.

Greek word for Light


Hindi word for Light


Italian words for Light

chiaro, luce, spia, illuminazione, leggeri, leggero, fanale, leggera, debole.

Japanese words for Light

光, ライト, 照射, ひかり, うすい, 軽やか, 軽易, 澹々, 煌煌, 浮いた, かろやか, とぼし, けい, かんたん, 燈火, みがるい, ともす, 飄逸, とうか, さくい, たやすい, ともし, 灯し火, 点す, 簡短, 簡端, かるやか, ういた, 点じる, てんじる.

Javanese word for Light


Korean word for Light


Malay word for Light


Norwegian word for Light


Polish words for Light

lekki, jasny, światło, lampka, oświetlenie.

Portuguese words for Light

claro, claras, magro, ligeiro, fraco, iluminação, fácil, acender, fogo, brilho, brilhar, lâmpada, lume, luminosidade, ponto de vista, alvorada, ligeiros, ligeira, ligeiras, luminosos, leviano, aligeirados, alumiar.

Russian words for Light

свет, освещение, светлый, лёгкий, световой.

Spanish words for Light

delicado, suave, aliviar, luz, ligero, perspectiva, fuego, encender, iluminar, aspecto, prender, inflamar, liviano, farol, luminoso, semáforo, alumbrar, clarear, luminosa, dietético.

Swedish word for Light


Turkish word for Light


Ukrainian word for Light


Vietnamese word for Light