How To Spell study?

Correct spelling: study

What does the abbreviation study mean?

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What are the rhymes for study?

  1. judie, ruddy, muddy;
  2. buddy, cuddy, huldie, huddie, buddie, cruddy, bloody;

What are the translations for study?

Arabic word for Study


Bengali word for Study


Chinese words for Study

研, 读, 读书, 研求, 考查, 修习, 推究, 看书, 念书, 做学问.

Dutch words for Study

opleiding, onderzoek, onderzoeken, leren, verkenning, bestuderen, studeren, studeerkamer, werkkamer, bestudering.

French words for Study

examiner, apprendre, bureau, études, cabinet, observer, faire ses études, apprentissage.

German words for Study

Untersuchung, untersuchen, Recherche, erforschen, Studie, Entwurf, Erforschung, Projekt, Examen, Beobachtung, Studium, Arbeitszimmer, studieren, lernen, Analyse, Studierzimmer, Studierstube, Herrenzimmer, einstudieren.

Greek word for Study


Italian word for Study


Japanese words for Study

研究, 勉強, 学習, スタディ, 学び, 学問, 書斎, 学術論文, 検討作業, 書院, 修める, 修する, まなび, がくじゅつろんぶん, けんとうさぎょう, べんがく, すぎょう, こうさつ, とうきゅう, 攻究, しょいん, 研学, べんきょう, てならい, がくしゅう, しゅうする, しゅする, 研究書, けんきゅうしょ, 勉強する.

Javanese word for Study


Korean word for Study


Malay word for Study


Norwegian word for Study


Polish words for Study

raport, badanie, opracowanie, studia, analiza, nauka, studiować.

Portuguese words for Study

cursar, pesquisa, estudo, estudar, estudos, aprendizagem, exame.

Romanian word for Study

a studia.

Russian word for Study


Spanish words for Study

examinar, encuesta, estudio, estudiar, investigar, observar, esfuerzo, ensayo, trabajo, despacho, sala, estudios.

Swedish word for Study


Turkish word for Study

ders çalışma.

Ukrainian word for Study