How To Spell level?

Correct spelling: level

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What is the definition of level?

  1. In a horizontal direction.

What does the abbreviation level mean?

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What are the rhymes for level?

  1. revel, bevel;
  2. dishevel, bedevil;
  3. multilevel;

What are the translations for level?

Afrikaans word for Level


Arabic word for Level


Chinese words for Level

级, 坦, 平整, 平坦, 层级, 平直, 段数, 等第, 平缓, 档次, 级别分类社, 夷平.

Dutch words for Level

gehalte, peil, vlak, graad.

French words for Level

sol, uniforme, point, taux, plat, montant, pointer, hauteur, firme, palier, niveler, droit, égaliser, raser, aplanir, démolir, formuler, altitude, standing.

German words for Level

Stand, Plan, eben, ebnen, flach, punktgleich, platt, anpassen, angleichen, Ebene, Niveau, Level, Stufe, Grad, Etage, Libelle, waagerecht, planieren, ausgleichen, beseitigen, Pegel, Füllstand, Wasserwaage, Spiegel, Stockwerk, Schwellwert, Wasserpegel, Sohle, Nivelliergerät, Nivellierinstrument, Deck, höhengleich, horizontal, waagrecht, auf gleicher Ebene, söhlig, nivellieren, abflachen, einebnen, gleichmachen, Volumen, grau.

Italian word for Level


Japanese words for Level

水準, 水平, 階層, 水準器, 品, 一歩, 平ら, いき, レヴェル, 一段, すいじゅん, すいへい, いちだん, たいらか, かいそう, ひらべったい, ひらたい, 坦坦, 坦々, たいら, ひらったい, へいへい, 平滑, 扁たい, 平べったい, だんかい, レブル, へいたん, ひょうじゅん, いっぽ, 水平の.

Javanese word for Level


Malay word for Level


Marathi word for Level


Norwegian word for Level


Polish words for Level

poziom, wartość, szczebel, piętro, poziomica.

Portuguese words for Level

patamar, empatados, detonar, alinhar, eqüitativo, teor, plano horizontal, uniformizar.

Romanian word for Level

la aceeași înălțime cu.

Russian words for Level

степень, ровный, плоский.

Spanish words for Level

tasa, plano, igualar, allanar, rango, dirigir, punto, valor, cantidad, equilibrar, nivelar, nivel, tono, igualado, grado, medida, llano, piso, estabilizar, escala, altura, arrasar, planta, equilibrado, empatado, andar, aplanar, estadio, nivelado.

Tamil word for Level


Turkish word for Level


Vietnamese word for Level

ngang bằng.