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How To Spell make?

Correct spelling: make

What are the misspellings for make ?

  • makeme,
  • maeket,
  • emarker,
  • mcabe,
  • makw,
  • majove,
  • maybie,
  • maike,
  • makor,
  • makethem,
  • immage,
  • markewt,
  • maks,
  • immiage,
  • jake,
  • umage,
  • maybe12,
  • magen,
  • makeout,
  • mokey,
  • makeis,
  • markk,
  • mafe,
  • martike,
  • lmake,
  • iimage,
  • makover,
  • makae,
  • mgkoh,
  • madge,
  • mabe,
  • makara,
  • fmake,
  • mikr,
  • makeu,
  • majer,
  • makert,
  • mabie,
  • meke,
  • mke,
  • dmake,
  • maket,
  • moahwk,
  • lake,
  • wakey,
  • makit,
  • marcket,
  • mekow,
  • mackle,
  • mayve,
  • mecame,
  • mybe,
  • merky,
  • magize,
  • makme,
  • majoy,
  • mickie,
  • mikey,
  • meker,
  • mackes,
  • iamge,
  • mirko,
  • imake,
  • maube,
  • lakew,
  • mamer,
  • masec,
  • mckenny,
  • mvie,
  • msaage,
  • marek,
  • jakie,
  • amage,
  • mak,
  • mame,
  • maske,
  • maager,
  • damge,
  • mcak,
  • makea,
  • youmake,
  • malika,
  • omage,
  • magge,
  • maxer,
  • makem,
  • makke,
  • mako,
  • takke,
  • madke,
  • middke,
  • made,
  • rumage,
  • mabey,
  • lkae,
  • mikie,
  • pake,
  • kakie,
  • mahe,
  • gake.

What is the definition of make?

  1. give rise to; cause to happen or occur, not always intentionally; "cause a commotion"; "make a stir"; "cause an accident"

What does the abbreviation make mean?

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What are the quotes for make?

  1. Art is not necessary at all. All that is necessary to make this world a better place to live in is to love- to love as Christ loved, as Buddha loved.
  2. God be praised for his gracious long suffering towards me in sparing my life so long. Grant, gracious God, that I may make a good use of the time that thou mayest be pleased yet to grant me for repentance.
  3. The Scriptures were written, not to make us astronomers, but to make us saints.
  4. Strangers he gulls, but friends make fun of him.
  5. I do not think I should care to go on worshipping a Madonna even if she did wink. One cannot make much out of a wink. We want something more than that from the object of our adoration.

What are the rhymes for make?

  1. fake, bake, steak, sake, shake, blake, break, rake, jake, shaik, hake, brake, wake, ake, flake, ache, cake, drake, paik, snake, lake, take, jacque, quake, stake, naik, haik, spake;
  2. mistake, retake, remake, opaque, forsake, partake, awake;

What are the translations for make?

Afrikaans words for Make

nommer, doen, maak.

Arabic word for Make


Chinese words for Make

作出, 制, 使得, 制造, 营造.

Dutch words for Make

maken, vervaardigen.

French words for Make

faire, effectuer, provoquer, produire, atteindre, rendre, marque, poser, construire, fabriquer, confectionner, manufacturer, causer.

German words for Make

erstellen, begehen, anlegen, abgeben, schaffen, erheben, treffen, gestalten, bilden, herstellen, anbringen, erzeugen, geben, Machart, arbeiten, ablegen, richten, machen, verdienen, Marke, vornehmen, bauen, Herstellung, zubereiten, anfertigen, zimmern, Fabrikat, eingehen, anmachen, basteln, schreinern, einfahren, aufbrühen, kochen, Automarke.

Greek word for Make


Italian word for Make


Japanese words for Make

作る, 作り, メイク, つくる, つくり, 創る, 製, 造る, 銘柄, メーク, 作する, 手がける, 仕立てる, しめる, こさえる, 做す, ごう, てがける, めいがら, さくす, こしらえ, 拵える, したてる, 作す, たらしめる, さくする, こしらえる, 拵え, 號, ・・・製.

Javanese word for Make


Korean word for Make


Malay word for Make


Norwegian word for Make


Polish word for Make


Portuguese words for Make

fazer, ganhar, produzir, desenvolver, compor, manufatura, efetuar, deduzir, feitura, feitio.

Romanian word for Make


Russian words for Make

изготовлять, творить.

Spanish words for Make

hacer, producir, provocar, elaborar, realizar, cometer, lograr, grabar, modelo, criar, formar, crear, desarrollar, marca, fabricar, preparar, rodar, construir, confeccionar, efectuar.

Turkish word for Make


Ukrainian word for Make


Vietnamese word for Make

nhãn hiệu.