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How To Spell raise?

Correct spelling: raise

What are the misspellings for raise ?

  • rfies,
  • rrise,
  • praice,
  • frase,
  • prasie,
  • risqe,
  • racies,
  • riase,
  • rerise,
  • riases,
  • rissue,
  • raius,
  • rised,
  • ruise,
  • siaze,
  • relaise,
  • reace,
  • riside,
  • raiase,
  • riisk,
  • reassue,
  • rapis,
  • reasy,
  • reailse,
  • rissen,
  • baies,
  • reacive,
  • rasor,
  • reiside,
  • raie,
  • rasie,
  • rasies,
  • risor,
  • reaised,
  • raism,
  • reuice,
  • raisor,
  • realse,
  • racee,
  • rhose,
  • eraiser,
  • fraiser,
  • raser,
  • raisig,
  • reser,
  • rasmey,
  • rizer,
  • rezize,
  • wrose,
  • raisse,
  • rpize,
  • rasise,
  • eaiser,
  • rasis,
  • raisd,
  • realise,
  • rpice,
  • araise,
  • wries,
  • basie,
  • raosed,
  • rvise,
  • rhese,
  • risj,
  • riske,
  • rervise,
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  • reallise,
  • raiseed,
  • russe,
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  • ralies,
  • reurse,
  • risde,
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  • reciee,
  • reassuer,
  • raiased,
  • rabie,
  • raisde,
  • caise,
  • refise,
  • daisie,
  • eaisier,
  • rusiia,
  • paisey,
  • ralise,
  • rabis,
  • graise,
  • reease,
  • raite,
  • phraise,
  • raisedd,
  • rauws,
  • raizer,
  • reaso,
  • rease.

What is the definition of raise?

  1. raise in rank or condition; "The new law lifted many people from poverty"

What does the abbreviation raise mean?

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What are the quotes for raise?

  1. Fools may our scorn, not envy, raise. For envy is a kind of praise.
  2. I didn't raise Todd to be a writer, but he happened to be one anyway.
  3. You need a whole community to raise a child. I have raised two children, alone.
  4. It is impossible, as impossible as to raise the dead, to restore anything that has ever been great or beautiful in architecture. That which I have insisted upon as the life of the whole, that spirit which is given only by the hand and eye of the workman, can never be recalled.
  5. If you raise your children to feel that they can accomplish any goal or task they decide upon, you will have succeeded as a parent and you will have given your children the greatest of all blessings.

What are the rhymes for raise?

  1. mays, essays, crase, phase, faze, res, displays, hayes, frase, malaise, graze, baize, daze, rephrase, shays, lais, pays, bays, strays, repays, prays, hase, nase, blaise, kays, lays, filets, blaze, chaise, clays, pais, betrays, dais, raze, delays, obeys, berets, bouquets, today's, leis, polonaise, praise, conveys, gase, glaze, gays, todays, trays, bayes, stays, dase, kase, sways, portrays, weighs, brays, days, jays, hays, craze, ways, gaze, slays, grays, braise, mayes, frays, claes, caches, maes, defrays, mais, mase, iras, dossiers, blase, wais, haze, sprays, maze, cliches, oles, lase, plays, preys, decays, rase, malays, phrase, braze, sais, replays, blayze, valets, maize, reappraise, cafes, surveys, blaize, nays, lyonnaise, dismays, rays;
  2. appraise, ballets, allays, belays, arrays, ablaze, amaze;
  3. chevrolets, cabernets, lyonnais, dismutase;
  4. urokinase;

What are the translations for raise?

Afrikaans word for Raise


Arabic word for Raise


Chinese words for Raise

募, 募集, 升起, 抬, 昂, 抚育, 饲养, 翘, 骞, 上扬, 撩起, 挈, 骧, 舁, 垫高.

Dutch words for Raise

oprichten, oproepen, kweken, tillen, heffen, hijsen, optillen, rijzen, opslag, verhogen, verhoging, wekken, stichten, opwekken, werven, inzamelen, opwerpen, ter sprake brengen, grootbrengen, opvoeden, ophalen, aanwakkeren, ophijsen, optrekken, telen, aankaarten, opsteken, ophogen, aan de orde stellen, loonsverhoging, salarisverhoging.

French words for Raise

promouvoir, favoriser, provoquer, aborder, susciter, obtenir, soulever, augmenter, hausser, élever, lever, récolter, hisser, réunir, contacter, renforcer, relever, dresser, collecter, renchérir, ériger.

German words for Raise

steigern, heben, aufbringen, aufstellen, errichten, aufnehmen, erheben, Aufbesserung, aufstocken, heraufsetzen, aufziehen, aufwerfen, anheben, Gehaltserhöhung, aufheben, abheben, wecken, erwecken, hochziehen, hochheben, aufrichten, zusammenbringen, anschneiden, hochschrauben, heranziehen, auftreiben, emporheben, Lohnerhöhung, Gehaltszulage, Augmentation, vergären.

Hindi word for Raise


Italian words for Raise

resa, alzare.

Japanese words for Raise

高める, 上げる, 育てる, 吊り上げる, 起こす, のぼせる, 上す, 育む, そだてる, もたげる, おしたてる, 持上げる, たたす, 差し上げる, 押っ立てる, 挙げる, 擡げる, 撥ね上げる, うったえる, たかめる, 投げかける, 押立てる, 増俸, 差す, 投げ掛ける, はねあげる, 飼う, おったてる, 育くむ, 立たす.

Javanese word for Raise


Korean word for Raise


Malay word for Raise


Norwegian word for Raise


Polish words for Raise

poruszyć, wychować, uzbierać, wychowywać.

Portuguese words for Raise

obter, melhorar, angariar, erguer, expor, recrutar.

Romanian word for Raise

a înălța.

Russian words for Raise

поднимать, воспитывать, растить, поднятие.

Spanish words for Raise

subir, mejorar, aumentar, realzar, presentar, establecer, abordar, extender, tratar, dar, provocar, obtener, conseguir, levantar, aumento, ascender, plantear, criar, recaudar, educar, promover, subida, formar, sacar, incrementar, reforzar, incremento, suspender, elevar, localizar, suscitar, causar, despertar, edificar, reclutar, cultivar, movilizar, evocar, alzar, izar, erigir, alza, entonar.