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What are the rhymes for lead?

  1. need, ed, breed, misread, fried, unwed, bed, mislead, bead, stead, cede, widespread, reid, weed, shed, sneed, proceed, led, feed, jed, read, leed, bread, fed, dede, zed, ned, reseed, unsaid, pled, retread, fede, knead, swede, screed, lipide, said, keyed, thread, creed, shaheed, we'd, deed, freed, rasheed, skied, head, wed, freda, she'd, ede, plead, tread, nead, rashid, waleed, saeed, tweed, fred, teed, bled, succeed, dred, red, sled, dead, meade, reed, recede, spread, wedd, bede, ged, brede, impede, he'd, walid, reread, unread, speed, steed, friede, bleed, secede, indeed, seed, sped, supersede, kneed, ted, wied, precede, reade, stampede, snead, fled, greed, swed, mead, med, heed, shred, redd, bred, hamid, dread, misdeed;
  2. concede, instead, agreed, ahead, embed, exceed, abed, degreed, elide, accede, purebred, misled, imbed, decreed, gilead, adread, behead;
  3. guaranteed, aristide, overfed, intercede, overfeed, thoroughbred, infrared, disagreed, overhead, interbred, biomed;

What are the translations for lead?

Afrikaans word for Lead


Arabic word for Lead


Bengali word for Lead


Chinese words for Lead

导, 牵头, 导致, 引领.

Dutch words for Lead

brengen, gidsen, lood, leiding, voorsprong, voortouw, aanknopingspunt.

Finnish word for Lead


French words for Lead

plomb, fil, mener, conduire, diriger, pousser, principal, leadership, câble, guider, avancé, cuivre, rôle principal.

German words for Lead

leiten, Leitung, Hinweis, anführen, vorangehen, in Führung liegen, Blei, Vorsprung, Leine, Hauptrolle, Tipp, Anhaltspunkt, Zuleitung, lenken, herbeiführen, führend sein, bleien, ausspielen, vorausgehen, verbleien, Federführung, Mine, Spitze, Spur, Vorreiterrolle, Kabel, Anschlussdraht, Anspiel, Lot, Aufmacher, Bleistiftmine, Leitartikel, Wurfgewicht, Ader, Anführung, Gewindesteigung, Hundeleine, leiden, Piste.

Greek word for Lead


Hindi word for Lead


Italian words for Lead

condurre, piombo, cavo, loden, traccia, prendere la guida di, essere a capo di, comandare, guinzaglio, indizio.

Japanese words for Lead

リード線, 率いる, さいはいをふる, 連れる, つれる, さきにたつ, 先立つ, 先に立つ, きょうどう, リードせん, ひきいる, 嚮導, さきだつ.

Malay word for Lead


Polish words for Lead

prowadzić, ołów.

Portuguese words for Lead

vantagem, conduzir, cobrir, comandar, conduta, lei, chumbo, liderança, exemplo, primeiro, vanguarda, preceder, de chumbo, pioneiros, dianteira, trela, papel principal, actor principal.

Romanian word for Lead


Russian words for Lead

вести, проводить, быть главным, свинцовый, лидировать, свинец.

Spanish words for Lead

dirigir, ventaja, pista, llevar, conducir, liderar, guiar, encabezar, cabeza, iniciativa, plomo, mando, ejemplo, protagonista, primer puesto, sonda, liderazgo, comando, orientar, derivar, delantera, estar al frente de, dar paso, llevar ventaja, protagónico, testa, timbal.

Tamil word for Lead


Turkish word for Lead

öncülük etmek.

Ukrainian word for Lead