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Correct spelling: lead

Definition of lead:

  1. A metallic element, symbol Pb, atomic weight 207. 1; see plumbum.
  2. One of the records, usually three in number, taken by means of the electrocardiograph; in lead I the current is from the right arm and left arm; in lead II, from the right arm and left leg; in lead III, from the left arm and left leg.
  3. Made or consisting of lead.
  4. Sheets of lead for covering roofs; a flat roof so covered.
  5. A well- known metal of a dull fluish- gray colour; a plummet, used in sounding at sea; a thin plate of metal, to separate lines in printing; a small stick of plumbago used in pencils.
  6. First place; precedence; guidance. To lead off or out, to begin.
  7. To cover with lead; to fit with lead; to widen the space between lines by inserting a lead or thin plate of type- metal.
  8. To guide by the hand; to guide by showing the way; to conduct; to direct; to govern; to precede; to allure; to induce; to prevail on; to spend. To lead astray, to guide in a wrong way or into error. To lead captive, to carry into captivity.
  9. To go before and show the way; to go first; to conduct, as a chief or commander; to draw; to have a tendency to; to exercise dominion.

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What does the abbreviation lead mean?

LEAD abbreviation definitions:
–  Law, Environment and Development
–  Livestock, Environment, and Development

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