How To Spell will?

Correct spelling: will

What does the abbreviation will mean?


desiring peace; will helmet, protection
Will as a boy's name is a variant of Wilfred (Old English), William (Old German), Willie (English) and Willis (Old English), and the meaning of Will is "desiring peace; will helmet, protection". See also Bill.

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What are the rhymes for will?

  1. rill, drill, skill, ville, frill, pill, lil, jill, prill, hille, thrill, thill, chill, mil, spill, fill, trill, krill, lill, we'll, phil, grille, dill, bil, swill, twill, fril, till, gil, zill, bill, nil, wil, fil, still, hill, grill, quill, brill, til, mill, gill, shill, ill, zil, sil, il, sill, nill, stil, jil, pil, mille, lille, shrill;
  2. fulfill, distil, seville, demille, refill, distill, bastille, belleville, goodwill, brazil, sunil, uphill, abril, until, instill;

What are the translations for will?

Arabic word for Will


Bengali word for Will


Chinese words for Will

将, 意愿, irade.

Dutch words for Will

zullen, wil, bereidheid.

French words for Will

vouloir, léguer.

German words for Will

Wille, Bereitschaft, Willen, Testament, letzter Wille.

Greek word for Will


Japanese words for Will

意志, 意欲, であろう, いし, 遺言, 遺命, 遺書, ウイル, いしょ, ゆいごう, 勝ち気, 意力, ゆいごん, かきおき, むず, かちき, 書き置き, 勝気, 遺言状, いごん, うず, 遺告, ゆいごんじょう, んず.

Javanese word for Will


Portuguese words for Will

desejar, vontade, desejo, volição.

Romanian word for Will


Spanish words for Will

voluntad, testamento, deseo, Akan.

Swedish word for Will