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What are the translations for position?

Afrikaans word for Position


Arabic word for Position


Chinese words for Position

位, 位置, 部位, 姿势, 事权, 阵地.

Dutch words for Position

opstelling, plek, plaats, locatie, functie, ligging, stelling, houding, positie, standpunt, vacature.

French words for Position

direction, endroit, poste, place, placer, positionner, disposer, emplacement, fonction, emploi.

German words for Position

stellen, Einstellung, Haltung, Stand, Anstellung, Platz, Standpunkt, Standort, Status, Funktion, aufstellen, ansetzen, Posten, Lage, Rang, Amt, anordnen, Ort, Stelle, Position, Stellung, Arbeitsplatz, platzieren, positionieren, stationieren, Schachstellung, Situation, Rolle, Platzierung, Arbeitsstelle, Aufenthaltsort, in Stellung bringen, postieren, Statut, Cargo.

Greek word for Position


Hindi word for Position


Italian words for Position

posizione, condizione, carica, situazione, collocazione, ruolo, posto in classifica.

Japanese words for Position

位置, 立場, ポジション, 座, 拠点, 陣地, 位置づける, いち, 位置付ける, 地歩, たちば, いちずける, つとめぐち, じんち, 勤め口, しゅうしょくぐち, ばしょ, 湍, 瀬, ちほ, ていい.

Javanese word for Position


Malay word for Position


Norwegian word for Position


Polish words for Position

miejsce, pozycja, stanowisko, opinia, sytuacja, umiejscowienie, postawa, położenie, usytuowanie, nastawienie, lokata.

Portuguese words for Position

ponto, posto, posicionamento.

Romanian word for Position


Russian words for Position

позиция, положение, должность.

Spanish words for Position

rango, colocar, lugar, emplazamiento, punto, puesto, papel, situar, apostar, localizar, parecer, posicionar, empleo, estatuto, actitud, orientar, postura, posicionamiento, ventanilla, posada.

Tamil word for Position


Turkish word for Position


Ukrainian word for Position